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Canine Antics Dog Daycare & Grooming is a safe, fun, and healthy place for your pet to meet & play with other dogs. Socializing your pet is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner, as well as making sure your companion has enough physical and mental exercise every day.

Dog Daycare vs. Dog Park

Socializing your dog as much as possible is vital for their mental health and well-being. Dogs are naturally social animals and they thrive when freed of the confines of a leash or crate to interact with other dogs. CANINE ANTICS DOG DAYCARE is able to offer your dog just that! Unlike a dog park, however, Canine Antics offers supervised interactions with trained staff and strict vaccination policies. Not only do we love dogs at Canine Antics, we also understand them. This essential part makes the difference when running a dog daycare and keeping it safe for everyone. Due to our staffs knowledgable supervision, dogs are able to play and interract with each other safely and happily.

Our certified staff supervises all dog interactions which gives our canine companions the perfect atmosphere to develop and improve their social skills and doggie etiquette. Daycare is also a great way to:

  • Eliminate Destructive Behavior
  • Reduce Separation Anxiety & Excessive Barking
  • Cure House Breaking Problems
  • Assist in Doggie Dieting
  • and so much more!

In addition, our daycare supports a healthy lifestyle for your pet (mentally and physically), as they play and exercise throughout the day! Imagine coming home to a relaxed, satisfied, and well exercised dog at the end of a long day!

Please take a moment to browse the rest of our site. You'll find valuable coupons and discounts for first time clients, and you can even download initial paperwork to get your pet ready for his first day of daycare!